Our Services

Recipe & Product Development

Coyote Kitchen provides our customers with a one-stop source for turning their recipes into retail-ready products. We have the knowledge and ability to custom-match and scale any recipe to ensure that your product maintains quality and consistency.

Laboratory Testing

Coyote Kitchen offers full laboratory testing including but not limited to, product specifications, shelf life, and bacteriological analysis.

Test Batch & Analysis

Each recipe Coyote Kitchen makes for our clients undergoes analysis to ensure regulatory compliance and consumer safety. Our test batch production ensures our clients receive not only a safe end product, but one that gets their stamp of approval before they take delivery.

Corporate Branding & Design

Our in house design firm (MK/MD) works hand in hand with our clients to provide them with full corporate branding, including: Product 3D rendering, logo design, custom-designed labels, websites, sell sheets, point of purchase displays and packaging options, just to name a few.

No Minimum Policy

“No order is too small and no order is too big.”

Coyote Kitchen prides itself on customer satisfaction and part of that is not requiring large minimums. The no-minimum policy allows the customer to create new items in order to expand their brand and test market them accordingly. This helps our customers to grow their business organically without necessitating large capital expenditures.

We believe in helping our customers grow their business with them.